Samuel Negredo Bruna

Samuel Negredo Bruna

Samuel Negredo presenting the Spanish edition of the Digital News Report he co-authored. Madrid, June 2016.

Samuel Negredo Bruna is a Senior Assistant Professor at the School of Communication of the University of Navarra, where he teaches the subjects Digital Media Editing and News Design (both in English and Spanish), as well as a range of media design, editing and production skills workshops, and he is also a Researcher at the Department of Journalism Projects and the Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life of the School, mainly working in the project Uses and Preferences of News Audiences in the New Map of the Media in Spain (USPRINME), and contributing to Oxford University’s Reuters Institute Digital News Report. He was the Academic Coordinator of the School’s International Media Program from 2013 to 2016, and he is also a doctoral co-supervisor and a student personal tutor.

He is a postdoctoral visiting scholar at Cardiff University‘s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) from July to December 2016, supported by a grant from the Spanish Government. He is studying socio-demographic gaps in the access to, and participation around, online news, and the supply and demand of multilingual and minority-language media in Spain. His academic publications cover media convergence, online video, breaking news genres, digital native sites, audience participation, clickbait and entertainment news, and innovation in Journalism education. Previously, Samuel was part of other publicly-funded three-year research projects on media convergence, innovation, and the digital transition of journalism.

Samuel Negredo in a University of Navarra handout picture, taken in September 2014.

Samuel is Aragonese and was born in the capital city, Zaragoza, in January 1986. He holds a Doctorate (PhD) in Communication from the University of Navarra (2013), where he was a teaching and research assistant since October 2008, supported by a competitive state-funded studentship. He took a one-year break (2010-11) from it, to complete the Master of Arts (MA) in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University, with a studentship from “la Caixa”.

Being a trained journalist, through the years, Samuel has continued to explore an extensive range of multimedia journalism formats as a practitioner, especially online video, liveblogging and social networking at a professional level, and he has contributed to Aragonese and Spanish media as an analyst and commentator, including a monthly opinion segment in the leading news programme Hora 14 Aragón (Cadena SER).

Samuel graduated (BA) in Journalism with honours from the School of Communication at the University of Navarra in 2008, for which he received a national award to excellence in academic performance by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Before entering academia, he cut his teeth as an intern reporter in his home city, first in Punto Radio Aragón (2006) and later in, the leading news website for this national region (2007, 2008). He led a team of ten in creating and developing editorially the digital-native project

Samuel Negredo in full liveblogging action. Picture taken by M. Castells (University of Navarra photography Service) in the XXX CICOM Media Conference, november 2015.
Samuel Negredo in full liveblogging action. Picture taken by M. Castells (University of Navarra photography service) in the 30th CICOM Media Conference, November 2015.

Samuel is bilingual in Spanish and English, which he uses equally for teaching, research and overall communication, and has a keen interest in Roman languages, of which he is familiar with Aragonese, Catalan and French. He also understands Basque, German and Portuguese, and he was introduced to Latin and Greek in School. Internationally minded, other interests include music, in particular folk, and theatre and the rest of the performing arts, as well as current affairs, history and identities, besides exploring the outdoors in Aragon and beyond.

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