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Samuel Negredo Bruna

I am an Aragonese journalist, born in Zaragoza in January 1986. I graduated with honours from the School of Communication at the University of Navarra in 2008, for which I received a national award to excellence in academic performance by the Spanish Ministry of Education.テつI cut my teeth as an intern reporter in my hometown, first in local radio (2006) and later in the leading regional news website (2007, 2008).

Since October 2008, I have been a PhD student and teaching and research assistant at the Journalism Projects Department, University of Navarra, supported by a competitive state-funded studentship, from which I took a one-year break (2010-11) to completeテつthe MA Online Journalism atテつBirmingham City University, with a grant sponsored by “la Caixa”.

I have written and published a number of academic texts on the topics of online video, convergence and participation, and I have been part of a research group on multiplatform journalism and media integration, working on a publicly-funded three-year project. During this period of postgraduate study, I have also continued to explore an extensive range of multimedia online journalism formats as a practitioner.

Twitter テつキ Delicious テつキ Linkedin テつキ Tumblr テつキ Posterous テつキ Eskup テつキ Former blog テつキ My first blog
テつキ Flickr テつキ Twitpic テつキ Qik テつキ Slideshare テつキ Profile (in Spanish) (last updated Dec ’09)

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