Dr Samuel Negredo is currently a Senior Assistant Professor at the School of Communication of the University of Navarra (fcomunav). He is affiliated with the Department of Journalism Projects (DPP). You will find here a list of the Journalism courses he teaches, either as the subject leader, or as a contributing workshop instructor or as a consultant in tutorials.

  • Digital Media Editing (Edición de Medios Digitales, coordinator, lecturer and workshop instructor)
  • Diseño Periodístico (coordinator and lecturer, taught separately in Spanish and English groups)
  • News Design (coordinator, lecturer and workshop instructor, teaching layout with InDesign)
  • Online Journalism (Ciberperiodismo, workshop instructor, teaching HTML, CSS and Photoshop)
  • Final Degree Project (Trabajo Fin de Grado, web design and development consultant in tutorials)

Click through the links above for the full public websites for each subject, where you will find the detailed programs and schedules, aims and competencies, teaching and assessment methods, as well as references and contacts for the whole teaching teams. Would you like to study at my School of Communication? Go to QuieroEstudiarPeriodismo.es for full details.

Previously, Samuel Negredo coordinated Media Convergence, an elective subject taught in English with guests from major universities in the United States, and he was involved in the lectures of Newswriting for Television (Escritura para Televisión) teaching a module about planning and writing for online and non-linear video) and in Written Communication workshops (Comunicación Escrita).

As a lecturer, he also took part, during one course year (2014-15), in the teaching of Convergencia Multimedia in the University of Navarra’s former Masters program in Communication Research (MIC), and of Gestión y Desarrollo de Nuevos Medios in the Master’s Degree in Media and Entertainment Management (MEGEC).

Samuel has led a Project for Innovation in Education, coordinating how news design skills for print and online media are taught across the Degree in Journalism, and developing and updating workshop learning resources, and he has taken part in another of such projects, in which service learning and convergence journalism were fostered across the television, radio and online subjects in the final year of the University of Navarra’s Degree in Journalism.